No More MLS Expansion Decisions Until 2018

Sacramento Republic FC stadium rendering

We won’t see any more MLS expansion decisions until 2018, as league officials announce that discussions will be ongoing with Sacramento, Cincinnati and Detroit owners regarding the next round after the announcement was made yesterday about Nashville added as the 24th team.

“All three submitted impressive bids which the league will take additional time to review before announcing a final decision in the new year,” MLS said in a statement.

The original goal was to announce two teams this fall and two teams next fall. But after the Nashville announcement, the league pulled back on any more decisions and instead will announce expansion decisions by the start of the 2018 MLS season. One can presume that the decision was not caused just by the Sacramento, Cincinnati and Detroit; the status of the Miami bid by David Beckham was surely part of the decision.

Still to come: an announcement on when Nashville will begin play as an MLS team.

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