New KC Current stadium price tag: $117 million

Kansas City NWLS

The price tag of a new KC Current stadium–the first facility purpose-built for a NWSL team–is now at $117 million, up from the original $70 million estimate–and the team is asking for state tax incentives.

The increased costs are related to design changes, increased construction costs and additional seating, with the new capacity at 11,500, up from the original 11,000. It’s slated to open in the 2024 NWSL season. Given attendance trends in NWSL, that 11,500 capacity seems about right.

Kansas City NWSL

Owners Angie LongChris Long and Brittany Matthews are still pursuing a privately financed facility on the east end of the Berkley Riverfront in Kansas City, Missouri at a time when you are seeing both the Kansas City Royals and Kansas City Chiefs likely to seek some level of public funding for new facilities in coming months. The only change since the original stadium announcement: $6 million in state tax credits. According to a team spokesperson, the state tax credits would go toward infrastructure, public amenities, and site prep. From the Kansas City Star:

Councilman Eric Bunch, District 4, said he was “adamant” that the ordinance not include local tax incentives.

Bunch, who is sponsoring the measure, said he supports it because it’s not local tax dollars and it helps reinvest tax revenue back into Kansas City.

“For me, it was a win-win,” Bunch said. “We’re not doling out local incentives and we’re having the state come in and help us out.”

Renderings courtesy KC Current.

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