Boston Breakers Fold Operations

Boston Breakers

The Boston Breakers will not return to the NWSL in 2018, as the club has announced that it is folding operations. 

In the last several months, the Breakers had been pursuing an ownership change, but discussions with a prospective buyer came up short. That was confirmed when the Breakers announced recently that they will cease operations, and not return to the NWSL for 2018.

“Discussions with an active buyer who had signed a letter of intent were ongoing since November of 2017.” Breakers Managing Partner Michael Stoller said in a statement. “Unfortunately, due to certain factors that process was halted on short notice. Since that point a number of potential buyers were spoken with, but nothing could be completed within the short timeline”

The NWSL is planning to proceed with nine teams in 2018. More from The Boston Herald:

NWSL managing director Amanda Duffy told the Herald that the efforts started at the conclusion of the 2017 season and continued until the last possible moment.

“There have been various conversations — including through the last 48 hours — to explore potential investor groups that had interest or had expressed interest in operating the team through the 2018 season,” Duffy said in a phone interview.

The finality of the verdict — confirmed by a dispersal draft to distribute the current players and draft picks throughout the league on Tuesday — arrived after an extended process designed to save the team.

The Breakers were member of the NWSL for the past five seasons.

Image courtesy Boston Breakers.


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