Atlanta Sets Mark for MLS Expansion Season Tickets

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Atlanta United FC has set a mark for MLS expansion season tickets, according to the league, converting 22,000 of the 31,000 season ticket deposits to date for the team’s inaugural season at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

That also accounts for the second-highest number of season tickets sold by any MLS team, trailing only the Seattle Sounders. From

“We’re all just really excited and thrilled to have gotten to that number so early on,” [Atlanta United president Darren] Eales said in a phone interview on Friday afternoon. “We still have over six months to go [until kickoff] and all those traditional things like a head coach announcement, jersey announcement, schedule coming out, the college draft, the expansion draft, all those and building the roster out as we’ve only got seven players at the moment. So to be there this early, it’s just uncharted territory for a Major League [Soccer] expansion team, so we’re just really excited to have reached that milestone.”

Eales said that 3,000 of the season tickets have been sold in the club’s supporters’ section. The supporters’ section will be located at the north end of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, underneath a large window that will look out towards downtown Atlanta. The sections in that area of the stadium have the steepest pitch in the stadium’s lower bowl and Eales said that the supporters’ areas will be general admission.

“That’s going to be like a traditional Kop feel,” said Eales, referencing the famed Kop end at English Premier League club Liverpool’s home stadium, Anfield. “I think it’s going to be great from a TV perspective as well when you’ve got the fans with their banners in those seats and you’ve got the city in the background.”

Also selling well: club seating (where eight of 10 sections are already sold out).

Right now the plan is to use only part of the stadium for MLS soccer: curtains will be drawn and sections closed off to limit capacity to 29,000 — the same game plan used at the football fields where Seattle and Orlando play. However, Eales said that if ticket sales go the way they have been, some sections may be opened and capacity extended past that 29,000.

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