Sporting KC Fans Debut Awesome Game of Thrones Tifo

Game of Thrones Tifo

Is this the best fan banner ever? Hardcore Sporting KC fans — the KC Cauldron — unveiled a Game of Thrones tifo this past weekend that surely will go down in MLS history as setting the standard for gameday banners.

Take a look for yourself:

A little background. A tifo in soccer, generally speaking, refers to a fan-organized activity during a game, whether it be a dance, a song or a banner like the one above. You’ll see them in soccer stadiums all around the world.

But this Game of Thrones tifo…well, it’s something special. As noted, it was organized by the team’s passionate fan group, the KC Cauldron. (Sporting KC takes special pains to foster this fan group: they have their own section and their own stadium entrance.) Several KC Cauldron members spent around 325 creating this tifo, depicting the Night King from HBO’s Game of Thrones. From

Cauldron member Adam Yarnevich came up with the original idea and design a few months ago. Several members of the Cauldron, comprising what is known as “Teefer Team 6,” then worked tirelessly in the weeks leading up to the match to make the larger-than-life tifo a reality. From gridding to painting to rigging up the final product, the team members spent an estimated 325 hours of labor on the creation of Sunday night’s tifo. The design even connected to the roof of the stadium.

“When this was getting ready to go up, I was a nervous wreck,” organizer Dan Temple said. “There were so many moving parts. It took all of us to make it happen. There were several people pulling ropes. So I was really nervous, and when it worked I was actually jumping up and down because I was so excited. It was a massive group effort with many moving parts and lots of volunteers.”

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