Broward County, Beckham group expected to meet about new MLS stadium

MLSA representative from the David Beckham group seeking to bring pro soccer back to Miami is expected to meet with officials about a potential Broward County MLS stadium soon.

Beckham and his investors, which include American Idol creator Simon Fuller, have been rebuffed twice in attempts to gain approval for a waterfront stadium site, first on Port of Miami land and them at a disused slip next to American Airlines Arena. Miami officials, meanwhile, have pitched the Beckham group on a site next to Marlins Park — but with the group being totally uninterested in investing $250 million in the area, it would appear Miami and the Beckham group are at an impasse.

Hence the interest in Broward County, located north of Miami and Miami-Dade County. At first glance, Broward County would not seem to fit the criteria set down by Beckham and MLS: placing a new stadium in a downtown core and aim for a younger, hipper audience. Broward County is the land of freeways without an urban core. From NBC-Miami:

One area of land that might fit would be county-owned land near the BB&T Center, where the Florida Panthers play.

“It would come down to whether or not the site meets Beckham’s specifications,” Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief said in an email to NBC 6 last week. “If he wants waterfront property, we have plenty of that in Broward County as well. We’re very willing to talk to him.”

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