Saputo Stadium / Montreal Impact

Opening Day: May 18, 2008
Capacity: 20,521
Surface: Grass
Current Owner: Saputo Inc.
Team website:
Team phone: 514/328.3668
Address: 4750 Sherbrooke St. East, Montreal, QC H1V 1A1

From Montreal: Go northeast on Notre-Dame Street East toward Gosford Street. Merge right to continue on Notre-Dame. Take a left onto Pie-IX Boulevard, then take a right onto Sherbrooke Street East.

From Quebec: Go northwest on Anna Street toward Kirouac Street, then take a second left and go on Charest O Boulevard/Highway 440 O. Keep going on Autoroute Félix-Leclerc, keep right to follow Autoroute 55 N to rejoin Autoroute 40 O. Take exit 186 to rejoin Autoroute 40 O going toward Montreal, then take exit 80S for Autoroute 25 South in the direction of Autoroute 20. Rejoin the Trans-Canadian Highway and take exit 4 toward Montreal. Rejoin Souligny Avenue and take a right onto Dickson Road. Take a left onto Hochelaga Road, a right onto Pie-IX Boulevard and then take the second right to continue onto Sherbrooke Road East.

With a capacity of 20,521, Saputo Stadium is the second largest soccer specific stadium in Canada (behind BMO Field in Toronto, where their MLS compatriots, the Toronto FC club, plays). The change in capacity came about in 2012, when the park was renovated and expanded from a capacity of 13,034.

Besides hosting the Impact club, Saputo Stadium is also distinguished by its presence in Olympic Park, the site of the 1976 Summer Olympics. Indeed, the Montreal Impact still plays sometimes in Olympic Stadium, whose inclined tower can be seen from Saputo’s bleachers. The campus around Saputo Stadium also encompasses the Montreal Biodome (a nature museum that used to be the Olympic velodome), Maisonneuve Park (Parc Maisonneuve), an insectarium and the Montreal Botanical Garden. The stadium itself is built on a site used by Olympiads for track and field practice during the ’76 games.

For visitors not traveling by car, Saputo Stadium and the Olympic grounds are accessible via subway, on Montreal’s green line. Just look for the Pie-IX station, which will put you at the corner of Olympic park, near Le Musée du Château Dufresne.

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