Division One women’s soccer to Denver? For Denver FC seeks investors

With the Women’s World Cup launching later this month, expect lots of associated talk about Division One expansion. We have an early entry to pass along: For Denver FC, a group of investors and community leaders seeking to bring professional women’s soccer to the Mile High City.

For Denver FC intends to submit a bid to join a Division One professional league by the end of 2023 and bring world class women’s soccer to Colorado in the form of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and the new USL Women’s Super League. Women’s World Cup play launches July 20, with the U.S. Women’s National Team taking on Vietnam July 21.

For Denver FC is being spearheaded by Jordan Angeli, a former professional player and Colorado native; Ben Hubbard, the founder and CEO of Denver-based insurance company Parsyl and a former Obama administration official; and Tom Dunmore, an experienced sports executive with an extensive background across professional soccer, motorsports and cricket.

“As a former professional player and Lakewood product, I grew up dreaming of one day playing professional soccer at home in Colorado,” said Jordan Angeli, one of the group’s organizers, via press release. “Our state consistently produces some of the best women’s soccer talent in the world. We can create a club that thrives from this pipeline and offers some of the best players in the world the opportunity to play in their home state in front of a devoted fan base and passionate women’s soccer community.”

The “For Denver FC” name is a placeholder evoking the spirit of building a club for the community, with the “FC” signifying “For Colorado” and a nod to the type of club the group plans to establish in Denver. Once the team joins a league, community input will help guide the team’s eventual name and identity for all soccer fans in the Mile High City.

In addition to engaging the community, For Denver FC is undertaking market development and feasibility activities to secure stadium and training facility sites and is seeking to attract additional investors for an expansion bid.

“This is an idea whose time has come,” said Ben Hubbard, one of the group’s organizers, via press release. “This is about soccer, but so much more. We’re excited to engage fans, families, civic leaders and investors in laying the foundation for a community asset that will be a powerful force for good in Denver and beyond.”

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