New for 2023: Lexington S.C.

We’ve reported on the game plan for the team’s potential home, and now we have the name for the team entering USL League One in 2023: Lexington Sporting Club, or Lexington S.C.

You can read about the team’s stadium proposal here.

Designed by notable crest designer Christopher Payne and shown above, the crest features a green stylized horse figure set against a dark green background. The process to design Lexington S.C.’s crest involved 14 listening sessions with members of the local community, more than 300 responses to brand surveys, and more than 1,500 responses to stadium surveys. The information gathered during this months-long process revealed several common themes, including pride in Central Kentucky’s winning heritage, the region’s unparallelled landscape, and its horse and bourbon industries. Each of these themes is represented in the final crest design, which is explained in full in this video.

“It was important to design this crest with input from the Lexington community. We spent hours and hours listening to the community and asking questions to make sure we got this right. In the multiple listening sessions, we heard many many great things about Lexington, but it struck me how proud the local community was about horses and the horse industry, and so I wanted to build a brand identity around this much loved icon of the community,” said Christopher Payne. “I think that we have created something that everyone can be proud of, a design that is strong and powerful, as well as being modern yet traditional. It is a new identity that will represent Lexington, locally, nationally and internationally. I am excited to see the club grow and this design to be used by players and fans in Lexington and beyond.”

Yes, Lexington S.C.-branded merchandise is available at the team’s new website.

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