Lexington on tap for USL League One in 2023

USL League One logoWe’ll see a Lexington USL League One team beginning in 2023, as a group has committed to launching play and efforts for a new stadium as part of a development project.

The new team will be owned by Lexington Pro Soccer, whose majority owner is Tower Hill Sports, founded by Bill Shively. The team will begin play at a yet-to-be-announced collegiate facility, but the goal is a new stadium in the area. The target, as of now, is the downtown Lexington High Street Development Project, and Lexington Pro Soccer will be responding to an RFP with plans for a new soccer-specific stadium. As with any new sports facility these days, the soccer stadium will be designed to accommodate festivals, concerts and other events.

“Lexington has a rich and storied tradition of sporting excellence, from the racetrack to the hardwood and beyond. Our local teams and athletes have long been among the best, and our fans are some of the most passionate in the nation. Our community is comprised of a diverse and international citizenry, which has a deep appreciation for the game of soccer. To bring a Professional club to Lexington is a natural fit,” said Club President Vince Gabbert in a press statement. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to bring a USL League One club to our great city and to our incredible fans. League One features an impressive lineup of community-driven soccer clubs, and we’re honored that Lexington will now join that group and become a part of the USL family.”

“This is an exciting moment for USL League One, the city of Lexington, and Central Kentucky,” said USL President Jake Edwards said in a press statement. “Since League One’s inception, Lexington is a place we’ve wanted to be because of its celebrated sports history and growing appetite for soccer. With tremendous leadership in Bill Shively, Vince Gabbert and Tower Hill Sports, this club will create a new source of great pride for the people of Lexington and the Central Kentucky region.”

USL League One is currently at 12 teams with more teams on tap for 2022 and 2023, including teams in Monterey Bay, Spokane and Northern Colorado.

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