Proposed MAPS 4 Initiative Includes OKC Energy Stadium Funding

Proposed OKC Energy Stadium 2

A proposed outline for Oklahoma City’s MAPS 4 initiative includes funding for a new OKC Energy stadium, which would be designed to host a variety of events.

Oklahoma City officials have been considering potential projects that could be included in a MAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects) 4 initiative. One of the proposals has called for a new outdoor stadium, designed to host USL Championship’s OKC Energy along with events such as college and high school soccer, high school football, and concerts. Backers of the proposal have noted that it would not only provide OKC Energy with an improved facility over its current home–Taft Stadium–but also give the city an outdoor venue that can draw other events.

Under an outline for the MAPS 4 initiative, the stadium would receive $37 million towards its construction. On Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Council is expected to weigh in on a resolution of intent regarding MAPS 4 while proceeding with plans for a voter referendum on December 10. More from the Oklahoman:

Tuesday, the city council is expected to set Dec. 10 as the date for the MAPS 4 election and adopt various housekeeping measures to meet legal requirements for scheduling and conducting the election.

The resolution of intent amounts to a promise to voters by the city council to complete MAPS 4 projects as outlined in the resolution, in a timely way and within budget.

Council members adhere to the promises made to voters to maintain the credibility of the program and in hopes of maintaining voters’ support for further extensions.

MAPS is a temporary sales tax first approved by voters and renewed several times since, including for MAPS for kids, which renovated or constructed public schools throughout Oklahoma City.

As proposed, MAPS 4 is projected to generate $978 million in revenue over an eight-year window beginning in April 2020, with the funds to cover 16 projects–including the proposed OKC Energy stadium. Voters have to would approve the referendum in order for the 1-cent MAPS sales tax to be extended for the initiative.

Rendering courtesy OKC Energy.

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