Detroit City FC Installing Keyworth Stadium Shipping Container Suites

Keyworth Stadium Shipping Container Suites

Detroit City FC is installing new Keyworth Stadium suites made from refurbished shipping containers, a move that could boost revenue while providing a new fan amenity.

Intended as a premium seating option, the 12 new suites will be located at field level behind the north goal and individually accommodate up to 16 guests. Each suite will be outfitted with a television, Detroit City FC artwork, and suite holders will have the opportunity to order catering from the club’s matchday vendors.

“Keyworth is a magical venue with its historic character and unrivaled atmosphere,” Detroit City FC CEO Sean Mann said in a press statement announcing the addition. “With the addition of the suites, we’re not only adding new amenities to a one-of-a-kind experience, but also creating a revenue stream for the next chapter of the club and continued repairs to the existing stadium. We’d like to thank Hamtramck Public Schools for their continued support and partnership that has allowed us to continue to grow at Keyworth.”

The new Keyworth Staidum suites come at an interesting point for the National Premier Soccer League‘s Detroit City FC. Later this year, the club is slated to begin competing in the NPSL Founders Cup from August-November. That competition is expected to lead to a full spring-to-fall league schedule in 2020, as was revealed last November.

With that shift coming, Detroit City FC could receive a few new revenue opportunities from the suites, including in the form of leases. More from Crain’s Detroit Business:

Four of the steel containers will be placed on newly poured concrete pads behind the goal at the north end of Keyworth Stadium, the school district-owned historic venue used by the wildly popular semi-pro soccer club since 2016. Each of the containers will be divided into three suites that can accommodate 16 people, said Detroit City FC CEO Sean Mann, and seven of the 12 suites have been leased.

The suites can be leased for $10,000 for the season, or per match starting at $800, Mann said…

Revenue from the suites is one of the cash sources the club is using to capitalize its transition from the amateur National Premier Soccer League to professional status in a still-forming league this year, Mann said. The primary funding to pay for new expenses such as player salaries — Mann said DCFC players will get about $20,000 a season plus housing and meals — will come from more games.

“We are committed to paying a living wage,” Mann said.

In addition to those converted into the suites, two other shipping containers will be repurposed into walk-up bars. The project is expected to be completed ahead of Detroit City FC’s home opener on May 19.

Rendering courtesy Detroit City FC.

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