Sponsored MLS Jersey Sleeve Patches Approved for 2020

MLS sleeve patch

Now that league approval is in place, MLS jerseys will begin featuring sponsored sleeve patches in 2020, representing a new sponsorship opportunity. 

Sponsored MLS jersey sleeve patches will come in addition to the sponsor on the front chest of the uniform. The sponsored patch will be located on the right sleeve of the game jersey.

The patch will replace and measure roughly the same size as the existing MLS logo (approximately 2.5 by 2.5 inches). The sleeve patch will be available for a four-year pilot program and only to clubs that have already secured a primary jersey sponsor.

“The sleeve patch is a premium opportunity for brands to be connected with our League and clubs in mutually beneficial ways,” said Gary Stevenson, President and Managing Director, MLS Business Ventures. “As our League continues to expand, and with more fans in the U.S. and Canada viewing our matches, attending our games, and engaging on social media, the visibility of the sleeve patches will be substantial.”

More information regarding the jersey sponsorship opportunity will be unveiled at a later date.

Image courtesy MLS.

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