Tottenham Hotspur Denies Mark Zuckerburg Reports

New Tottenham Stadium

Amidst reports of interest from an investor group backed by Mark ZuckerburgTottenham Hotspur is swiftly denying a takeover of the club. 

Per reports that had recently surfaced, an American investment group known as Iconiq Capital could make an £1billion bid to take control of the club. The group was reported to have the backing of Zuckerburg, the chairman and CEO of Facebook, and was making an apparent run at the club as it moves closer to the opening of its highly-anticipated new stadium.

However, Tottenham Hotspur has swiftly denied the reports that the organization could in line to change hands. More from Esquire:

According to the Independent, an American investment company backed by Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook owner baby-stepping his way to world domination, is reportedly interested in purchasing Tottenham.


The club are moving into their new stadium in 2019 which will likely limit their budget for the foreseeable future, but they’ve been quick to dispel the rumours of a takeover

Without specifically mentioning Iconiq Capital or Zuckerburg, Tottenham’s statement said that it is not engaged in discussions about a takeover offer for the organization:

The Club engaged Rothschild to secure the funding for the new stadium. As expected many proposals came forward including bank debt and equity investment. The Club announced on 31 May 2017 the completion of the bank debt financing for the new stadium with a consortium of banks involving Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited, Goldman Sachs Bank USA and HSBC Bank plc. The Board believes this was the optimum solution in the interests of fans, employees and shareholders and for the continued development of the Club. The Board is not in any discussions relating to a takeover offer for the Club.

In May, our own Jon Bruning took a closer look at Tottenham’s future and its impending move to a new stadium. The stadium is being designed to accommodate NFL action as well as Tottenham matches.

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