Grand Rapids Discussing USL Stadium


Under a proposal being floated in Grand Rapids, a $40 million USL facility could be constructed as part of a larger development. 

The development organization Grand Action has released a study on plans for Grand Rapids that could be completed in a five-to-ten-year window. One of the catalyst projects in that concept is an expansion of DeVos Place, the convention center located in the city’s downtown.

That project would be completed along with other tasks. More hotel rooms would be added to the downtown area, and the stadium could also be developed. As it is proposed, the stadium would seat 8,000 fans and primarily serve as home to a USL expansion franchise, but could host other events.

At this point, those are the main details that have been released. More from WZZM 13:

[Grand Action co-chair David] Frey said a hotel could be built on top of the current DeVos Place structure with the expansion of the convention center going across Monroe Ave. near Calder Plaza.  Frey said he wasn’t sure if the government buildings would need to be knocked down to make way for the expansion.

Another project mentioned by the study would be a potential 6-acre soccer stadium to be built for a United Soccer League professional team.  The league plans to expand to 40 teams.  The facility could cost $40 million.

Recommendations were made to continue to try to “Restore the Rapids” in downtown Grand Rapids and create bike paths in the downtown area to attach to other bike paths in West Michigan.  The wildest idea, we’re told has some traction, is to put gondola people movers in downtown Grand Rapids to get people around instead of traditional buses.

Grand Rapids is currently home to Grand Rapids FC, a member of the National Premier Soccer League.

Image of USL action courtesy Louisville City FC. 


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