Merritt Paulson Discusses Providence Park Expansion

Provident Park, Portland Timbers

With the Portland Timbers continually drawing capacity crowds, owner Merritt Paulson is expressing hope that Providence Park can be expanded.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the Timbers—who can seat about 21,000 at Providence Park—were look to expand the stadium. The fact that the team continues to draw fans in high numbers makes the project desirable, but the TImbers have been looking to address questions about cost and design.

Paulson recently confirmed that talks are still on for expansion. Under the current plan, Providence Park would increase in capacity by about 4,000 seats as part of a privately financed project. More from The Oregonian:

“We would still need to get an agreement with the city, and a number of other things,” Paulson said. “We would be talking about adding 4,000 seats in a way that really works operationally on the east side over where the Key Bank Club is now, basically bringing the whole stadium up to the level of the roof on the other side, still maintaining some street views even from the street on 18th Ave.

If the Timbers are able to move forward with the plan, Paulson said the club would aim to complete the new construction in two phases in back-to-back off-season said, in hopes of limiting the impact of the construction on the team during the season.

The Timbers finished the MLS regular season with a per-game average attendance of 21,144.

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