Indiana University Pushing Armstrong Stadium Upgrades

Armstrong Stadium

Indiana University is dealing with an aging Armstrong Stadium, and would like to see a revamped facility for men’s and women’s soccer.

Armstrong Stadium first opened in 1981, and has not been significantly renovated since 2001. The push to upgrade facilities for all collegiate sports continues to be competitive, and Indiana University sees an opportunity to improve conditions for soccer. Currently the school is undertaking work for other programs–including football–and is lining up priority projects for between now and 2020.

Any renovation to Armstrong Stadium would likely target the seating areas, which could be moved closer to the field, and other fan amenities. Furthermore the university believes that–as competing programs upgrade or replace their stadiums–having a modern soccer-specific stadium makes recruiting more viable for the long haul.

Athletic director Fred Glass and men’s head coach Todd Yeagley are making that case, as the university tries to develop a funding source for the upgrades. More from the News-Sentinel:

“We’re still in the early stages (of fund raising and planning),” Yeagley says. “We’re developing the scope of what we’ll be able to do. We’re looking for the key lead gift to help get project off the ground.

“These things can move quickly. Fred has said he wants this project. It’s very much overdue. We’re dealing with a facility that is declining quickly.

“We need a new field. It hasn’t had a full overdo since it was built in 1981. It’s had some different turf put on, but the under belly needs addressed. We’re getting some sways in the field. It’s ready to be done. I know the administration is supportive. We’ll get it done.

“Fred is a forward thinker. He wants to keep IU soccer among the premier programs. You can’t have that if you don’t have a premier facility.

“We don’t have to have the best facility in the country, but we have to be in the vicinity. Right now it’s not among the premier facilities. It used to be. It’s good, but not premier.”

According to Glass, donations and athletic department-related marketing and media contracts will have to be at the center of funding for facility upgrades.

Image courtesy of Indiana University men’s soccer.

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