Don Garber to Visit Cincinnati

Nipper Stadium Cincinnati

In November MLS commissioner Don Garber will visit Cincinnati, sending some signals about the city’s interest in joining the league.

FC Cincinnati has been one of the biggest stories in the USL this year, as a successful debut season on the field has been paired with robust attendance at Nippert Stadium. Recently, FC Cincinnati set a single-game attendance record for the ULS by drawing 24,376 to a match, adding to a season that has been characterized by strong fan support.

Unsurprisingly this has fueled talk about whether Cincinnati is now a serious contender for an expansion club in the MLS. Garber plans on touring the city himself, with a visit scheduled for November 29.  More from WPCO:

And the team is genuinely in a good position to make that happen, having seen strong ticket sales throughout the season. FC Cincinnati even visited MLS headquarters earlier this year for a conversation that’s been kept confidential in the intervening months.

FC Cincinnati is currently part of the United Soccer League, but fans and commentators have suggested that moving on to MLS could bolster excitement and engagement among crowds.

Cincinnati has been ranking very high in our monthly MLS expansion updates, due in no small part of FC Cincinnati’s fan support. Earlier this summer, we took a look at some of the finer details–including the development of a training facility–that FC Cincinnati and the city need to consider to bolster its MLS chances.

Image courtesy FC Cincinnati. 

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