Another Potential MLS Group Emerges in St. Louis

2015 proposed MLS stadium, St. Louis

As St. Louis ponders whether it has a future in the MLS, another ownership group is pitching the idea to the community.  

Thus far, it has seemed that the primary ownership group for an MLS squad would be MLS2STL. Former NFL task force co-chairman Dave Peacock is involved in that organization, which may wind up recruiting some heavy hitters within St. Louis sports, but so far MLS2STL is still trying to recruit investors. Now a group known as Foundry St. Louis has entered the mix, and says it could try to combine some of its ideas with those of MLS2STL to complete a successful bid.

Foundry St. Louis includes pharmacist Dan Cordes, who laid out a few ideas that the group wants to bring to the table. Among them is a soccer-specific stadium located on land near the St. Louis University medical center, rather than one in the city’s downtown. It also seeks to fund the stadium without a tax increase.

Cordes claims that the groups has sufficient funds and resources to aid in the effort. More from the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

“This is not just a bunch of guys that decided one night let’s do this,” Cordes said Friday afternoon. “We have investors both inside and outside St. Louis who have committed the necessary moneys or funding necessary for the franchise. So we’re fine. … We just want there to be more than one option for the league to look at when it comes to an ownership group in St. Louis.”

Absent the identities of anyone in the Foundry group, it’s impossible to assess its potential and how realistic its plan is. MLS2STL hasn’t identified any of the potential investors it has met with either, though in June, Jim Woodcock, a member of the group, told the Post-Dispatch that the group had met with a “very strong, viable candidate” with “connections with other league owners in Major League Soccer and has some professional sports experience.”
Aside from gaining the backing of a steady ownership group, any effort to bring the MLS to St. Louis will need some help on the stadium front, as a pending court case could hamper efforts to secure public funding.

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