Turf Removed in Latest Rayo OKC Drama

Rayo OKC

Off-the-field controversies continue to pile up for Rayo OKC, which recently had portions of its turf removed by one of the team’s owners.

Earlier this month, the team underwent a major shakeupSold Out Strategies, which managed the team under owners La Liga’s Rayo Vallecano de Madrid and local businessman Sean Jones, left the organization as conflicts emerged over the team’s revenue. In that same time period, Rayo OKC also changed head coaches.

Conflicts continue among the organization’s hierarchy. On Monday, Rayo OKC was forced to announce that sections of the turf at Miller Stadium had been removed last week. It was discovered that Jones, in a dispute with the team’s other owners, had removed 40 of the 92 turf pallets under his authority.

Rayo OKC was initially mum on Jones’ motives, simply stating that it hoped to have a resolution by its next home match, which is scheduled for September 11. Jones, however, did not mince words in a statement he provided to the press. More from NewsOK:

“I purchased the turf field individually in March as a solution to both the football line issue and the field size issue (at Miller Stadium),” Jones said. “At that time, I made the decision to individually purchase the field to solve the problem.

“Early last week I was told by several vendors involved with Miller Stadium preparation that (general director) Djorn Buchholz had informed them that the field was no longer being used and was being sold. At that time, I made the determination that it was in my best interests to secure the field and move it to a safe location.”

Jones said he offered to return the removed pallets to the club’s executive and sporting director Alberto Gallego, who represents the day-to-day operations in Oklahoma City for the Rayo Vallecano ownership group, if the ownership group agreed to a terms and condition of use for the playing surface. However, no progress has been made between the two ownership groups on this front and an agreement is not imminent.

A Rayo OKC spokesperson confirmed that the club’s remaining home matches will proceed as scheduled and that it is first working to find a solution for Miller Stadium’s playing surface.

Thought initially notified, law enforcement is not involved in the incident, because it is a dispute among the team’s ranks.

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