Sold Out Strategies Departs Rayo OKC

Rayo OKC

Within the last week, there have been some major changes at Rayo OKC, including the departure of Sold Out Strategies.

Rayo OKC is owned by La Liga’s Rayo Vallecano de Madrid and local businessman Sean Jones. When Rayo OKC was announced as an entry in the NASL, they tabbed Sold Out Strategies to manage the team. With Brad Lund and DeBray Ayala in charge, the people behind Sold Out Strategies brought plenty of experience to the table, with Lund and Ayala having both served as executives for the Oklahoma City Blazers minor league hockey team.

In the team’s first season, that formula has already been scrapped. Sold Out Strategies is no longer involved with Rayo OKC, and statements from the organiation were rather cryptic. More from

 “Sold Out Strategies has parted ways with Rayo OKC,” Brad Lund said.

Lund is part-owner of Sold Out Strategies.

 “I’m not going to go into a lot of details,” Lund said. “It is time for SOS to focus its attention on other client portfolios.”
Presa sent Alberto Gallego to Oklahoma City last Wednesday to right the ship. According to Gallego, Rayo OKC has lost too much money in its inaugural season, and a change was needed.

Some employees were asked to take a 25 percent to 40 percent pay cut. Only two of 10 employees remain with the organization.

“We had financial goals in the beginning, and they were not meeting them,” Gallego said. “The ownership group introduced a new direction for the club. (Coach) Alen Marcina, and the front office, they wanted to go the other way. And we wish them well.”

At the same time as Sold Out Strategies departure, the team also saw a change at head coach. Alen Marcina resigned last week, and was replaced by Gerard Nus. Entering this week, Rayo OKC was averaging 4,416 fans per game, good enough for seventh in the 12-team NASL.

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