Beckham: Inching closer to Miami MLS stadium deal

Proposed Miami soccer stadium location

With most of the work happening behind the scenes, David Beckham stepped forward to reassure fans that a Miami MLS stadium deal was indeed moving forward.

As a result of his playing time with LA Galaxy, Beckham has the contractual right to buy an MLS franchise at a reduced price, and he and his investment group have been working to exercise that right with a Miami MLS stadium. After the group’s first choices for a stadium site were rejected, focus was shifted to a Little Havana site next to Marlins Park. That’s the location preferred by Miami and Miami-Dade County officials.

MLS has held off awarding a 24th expansion franchise based on the uncertainty surrounding a Miami MLS stadium. But Beckham’s comments indicate progress is being made on the new stadium — though one must note that Beckham has made comments like this in the past about proposals that went nowhere. From Sky Sports:

“It’s been frustrating over the last year and a half with the announcement first and then we had a couple of difficult times, which we knew would happen at some point because you can’t everything smooth sailing,” Beckham told Sky Sports News HQ.

“But everyone in Miami is excited about us bringing a team there. We are getting closer.

“There is a lot of positivity around the city and I’ve always said that Miami is a place that is going to love a team. They need a team and want a team.

“I think the fans are excited and hopefully in the next couple of months we’ll be able to make an announcement.”

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