Bright House to supply Orlando City SC stadium tech

New Orlando City FC stadium

Bright House Networks Enterprise Solutions is the exclusive telecommunications provider for the Orlando City SC’s new downtown Orlando stadium, providing Managed Stadium WiFi, Dedicated Internet Access, Hosted Voice, and High Definition Video services.

Bright House Networks will equip Orlando City’s new downtown stadium with best-in-class communications and networking services. High capacity WiFi, supported by fiber-based Dedicated Internet Access, will be available in and around the stadium footprint, allowing fans to use their mobile devices to surf the web, stream video, and share their live event experiences with soccer fans around the world. Suites and common areas will feature High Definition fiber-based Video services.  And stadium personnel will utilize Enterprise Solutions’ cloud-based Hosted Voice service for critical voice communication.

“As a club that is passionate about innovation and prides itself on constantly looking for ways to enhance our supporters’ experience, we are excited to partner with Bright House Networks,” said Orlando City Founder and President Phil Rawlins. “Through this partnership, we will offer our supporters a way to stay connected at our stadiums and enjoy interacting with each other during games.”

“With the stadium offering ubiquitous connectivity, soccer fans will now have access to next-generation stadium WiFi on their mobile devices, making for a superior game-day experience,” said Craig Cowden, Chief Network Officer and Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, Bright House Networks. “Our Managed WiFi and Dedicated Internet services will enable every fan to capture and share their experiences digitally each time the Lions compete in their new stadium. And our Hosted Voice and HD Video services will equip the stadium with the top tier advanced telecommunications technology for years to come.”

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