Look here! Beckham stadium plans unveiled

Miami MLS stadium for David Beckham

The renderings for the proposed Miami waterfront soccer stadium for a team led by David Beckham and crew are now online, and who doesn’t like to see pretty drawings of what could be a stunning facility?

The 25,000-seat MLS soccer stadium is at the Port of Miami, which serves multiple cruise lines. But it’s an area foreseen as a entertainment center for the city: American Airlines Arena, home of the NBA’s Miami Heat, is nearby, and other private investors (i.e., Royal Caribbean) are pitching plans to renovate the 35-acre area with hotels, condos, restaurants and more.

Miami MLS stadium for David Beckham

Now, there’ s nothing to say that Beckham’s plan is not compatible with what Royal Caribbean is pitching. What Beckham and his investors foresee is a glitzy stadium with a restaurant and open-air nightclub. With a capacity of 25,000, it would be one of the larger stadiums in MLS — but given the passion for soccer in Miami and the Beckham name, it won’t be hard to fill this stadium.

Beckham Miami MLS stadium


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