David Beckham group dropping Little Havana stadium: reports

Proposed Little Havana MLS stadium

David Beckham and his investors are dropping a plan for a new MLS soccer stadium in Little Havana next to Marlins Park, according to a report from a local television station.

NBC 6 is reporting that the group has decided against that particular site. A proposal was scheduled to be presented to the Miami City Commission tomorrow, but it has been pulled from the agenda. From the report:

The proposed plan would need to be on Tuesday’s agenda in order to make the December 10th deadline to get on the March ballot.

Sources close to the deal tell NBC 6 that Beckham is giving up on the process to get approval to build in the City of Miami, but that does not mean his group will not seek to build elsewhere in South Florida.

It’s been a battle for Beckham and his investors to work out a stadium plan in Miami proper. Two waterfront sites in downtown Miami were rejected by Miami and Miami-Dade County officials, who were pretty clear about their desire to see a soccer facility in Little Havana. And while David Beckham’s group has reportedly not given up on the greater Miami market, NBC 6 is reporting they are looking at sites throughout the region outside of Miami city limits.

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